Apposta: Create your perfect shirt Monograms included

Create your perfect shirt Monograms included: €79

As the office space continues to evolve, likely too are the environments in which many people work. Open spaces, communal areas, and laid-back attitudes suggest that many people are expressing their creativity in the shirts they choose to wear each day.

Not ignoring an emphasis on comfort, employees are now experimenting with a wide range of stripes, checks, obscure patterns, and vibrant colours. Apposta supplies hundreds of materials that offer workers a chance to fully express their mood and personality. In an environment that challenges conformity, people can now embrace their individuality.

As companies and cultures observe a new way of working, Apposta helps you create your perfect shirt designed exactly how you like it. Whether informal or unconventional, our professionals work hard to provide you with a shirt that best suits your character.

Shipping & Delivery:

Shipping is free worldwide for orders over Rs. 19274 ( 220) For all other orders, our shipping charges are based on tax and as below:

European Union:
Rs. 526 ( 6)

USA, Canada, Switzerland, Arab Emirates, Japan, Australia & NZ:
Rs. 1735 ( 19.80)

China, Russia, South America and the rest of the world:
Rs. 2260 ( 25.80)

For deliveries outside the European Union, customs duties and taxes may also apply. The courier will ask for these before delivery. Those amounts depend on the law of the destination country applicable when the package is received and are beyond Apposta’s control.

Resolution and Returns

All Apposta standard size and made-to-measure shirts are manufactured specifically for each customer in accordance with the information provided when the order is placed. Apposta guarantees that your shirt will be in perfect condition and assumes full responsibility for resolving any problems encountered at no extra charge.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that you will always get the perfect result you paid for.

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