TheChainGang Clearance Sale: Heart Navel Curved Barbell At Just $9.99

TheChainGang Clearance Sale is On. Grab the best Heart Navel Curved Barbell at just $9.99.

Product Description:

This piece is a stainless steel shaft with an acrylic-colored ball on top and an acrylic matching-colored heart on the bottom. It is perfect for naval piercings! With a variety of colors to choose from, you will want one of each color! Only available in 14g 7/16″.

Color Options

  • Dark Blue,
  • Green,
  • Pink,
  • Red,
  • Purple, &
  • Orange.

Return Rules:

  • You MUST soak your jewelry in Alcohol and wash it with soap and water prior to sending it to us.
  • Please send it in a manner that can be trackable.
  • They are not responsible for that item if there is a loss when they ship your order to you.
  • They will measure the piece with 100% accuracy.

Shipping Policy:

  • Basic Shipping and handling is FREE on All Orders in the US
  • Canada shipping starts at $12.99.
  • Overseas shipping and handling starts at $22.99

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