Wyze Video Doorbell $39.99, Wyzecam v3 $29.99, @ Microcenter without CamPlus subscription

Micro Center brings you The Wyzecam v3. The Wyze Video Doorbell looks to just be in-store. It isn’t even visible on the website.

Obviously, in regular doorbell locations, nearly everyone has wiring. But using a micro-USB charger you can stick it anywhere you want. Next to an office door, a pickup counter, next to a bed as a call button, etc.

If you’ve got a way to get a USB outside, you could even avoid putting holes in the wall. Useful to renters, apartment dwellers, etc. I’m thinking of temporarily putting it on a post to avoid drilling holes into my brick since I expect to replace it eventually.

And of course, you could power it using a USB power bank. (Haven’t tested how long yet.)

Honestly, that you can power the thing with USB is THE best feature from my standpoint. I’m going to be screwing it to my office door tomorrow Smilie

Oh, and a small chime box is included. It’ll work well for an office or a smaller home. Hopefully, they’ll soon start selling additional ones. And allow them to be triggered from cameras, etc. Not just the doorbell they are paired with.

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